Haaptmann Grundsow Lodges

Lodge#: LName: FName: MI: Address: State: Zip: Phone:

01 Schaffer William   4363 Bachman Drive, Schnecksville PA 18078 610-799-2459
02 Heffendrager Clarence   245 Ridge Road, Telford PA 18969 215-257-9510
04 Esten Robert S. 1450 Old Plains Road, Pennsburg PA 18073 215-679-4742
05 Potts Donald   111 Old Forge Road, Pine Grove PA 17963 570-345-4994
06 Haas Lee W. 8662 S. Loop Road, Slatington PA 18080 610-767-5878
07 Heffentrager Leroy   211 Seminary St., Pennsburg PA 18073 215-679-7581
08 Nestor Robert S. 8405 Kings Highway, New Tripoli PA 18066 610-756-6006
09 Hunsberger Monroe   7 N. Fifth St., Perkasie PA 18944 215-257-3276
10 Hahn Will   615 N. Hokendauqua Road, Bath PA 18014 610-837-7140
11 Schoenberger Clark   1880 Cherry Hill Road, Palmerton PA 18071 610-377-3498
12 Hamm Dennis   7980 Lancaster Ave., Myerstown PA 17067 717-933-5321
13 Kistler Mark   753 Lawrence Drive, Emmaus PA 18049 610-967-3584
14 Hallowell Ronald   345 Main St., Coopersburg PA 18036 610-282-3850
15 Reinert Donald W. 76 Blue Rocks Road, Lenhartsville PA 19534 610-756-6141
16 Frey Carson L. 6072 Buckery Road, Germansville PA 18053 610-760-9745
17 Schoener Robert   609 Hilltop Road, Myerstown PA 17067 717-866-2485
18 Follweiler Raymond   6932 Jay St., Slatington PA 18080 610-767-5785

Register of Grundsow Lodges

Lodge Name & Established Dates: Location:

Nummer Ains On Da Lechaw
Always on Grundsow Dawg, February 2, However if February 2 falls on Saturday, then the Fersommling will be on Friday, February 1, or if February 2 falls on a Sunday, then the Fersommling will be on Monday, February 3.

Allentown, PA

Nummer Tzwae On Da Schibbach
First Wednesday after Grundsow Dawg, however, if Ash Wednesday falls on that date then the Fersommling is the following Wednesday.
Souderton, PA
Nummer Drei On Temple University
Active 1938-1955, now Defunct.
Nummer Fiere On Da Doheck
Fourth Thursday in January.
Quakertown, PA
Nummer Finfa On Da Schwador Im Beind Busch
Friday before Good Friday.
Pine Grove, PA
Nummer Sexa On Da Pohopoco
Fourth Friday in February.
Monroe County, PA
Nummer Siva G'Shwishich Da Barioma Un Da Magowi
Fourth Thursday in April.
East Greenville, PA
Nummer Ochda On Da Lizzard Grick
First Friday after Easter.
Schuylkill County, PA
Nummer Neine On Da Deef Runn
Last Monday in January.
Dublin, PA
Nummer Tzae On Da Braidkeppicha Grick
Friday - Late March or early April, depending on Lent.
Shtroudsbarrick, PA
Nummer Elfa On Da Fireline
First Friday after Nummer Ains unless Nummer Ains meets on Thursday, then the second Friday of February.
Carbon County, PA
Nummer Tzwelfe On Da Dulpehockae Pawd
Third Friday after Easter.
Barricks County, PA
Nummer Dreitzae On Da Inche Grick
Last Monday of March.
Amous, PA
Nummer Fartzae On Da Saakna Grick
Third Thursday in March.
Coopersbarrick, PA
Nummer Fuftze Fon Barricks Kounty
Last Wednesday in January.
Kutztown, PA
Nummer Sectzae On Yahden
Second Monday in March.
Allentown, PA
Nummer Sivatzae Om Union Kanal
Third Friday in January.
Myerstown, PA
Nummer Achtzae On Da Gross Ferelle Grick
Second Friday in March.
Emerald, PA
Die Grossdaade Grundow Lodge
Fourth Wednesday in September.
Kutztown, PA


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